Our Story

Pauline Längbo grundare av Gabrielle BY P veganska väskremmar och väskor
Pauline got the inspiration from her sister. Gabrielle, to create products that encourage people to be themselves and have fun with their personal expression without spending a fortune. Therefore, she wanted to create unique bag straps that could lift any outfit, just like a piece of jewelry. 

Pauline has a creative mind, get most of her inspiration from traveling and wishes she could live in several places at the same time. The thoughtful process of vegan alternatives to leather is reflecting her love for animals and the environment. The material selection and the details of her products go back to her years in Los Angeles, where she studied and worked with Fashion Design. Her new-found love, Rio De Janeiro has contributed to the vibrant and colorful touch seen in some of her design. Rio has inspired her to incorporate more color into her otherwise (very) Swedish, minimalistic and black closet. This is where the idea originates from, she wanted to create elegant, timeless and unique shoulder straps as an alternative to jewelry and other fashion accessories. In this way, it is made easy to add a splash of color, elegance, mix, and match, and add a unique touch to a handbag. It is the small details that make the big difference.


Our Purpose
Create beautiful fashion accessories that make people feel good, unique and proud. For women, by women!
Our Values
Compassion, Innovation, Honesty, Responsibility.

Our core values signify a process which is kind from start to finish. Hence, vegan alternative to leather. We also know that today's solution might not be tomorrow's, that's why we always keep an innovative mindset where we are devoted to adapt to change. We are big fans of transparency and honesty and that's why we don't like to hide anything. Simply because it's extremely important for us to be proud of what we do. We also take responsibility for everything we put out into the world, that's why we would never (ever) produce anything that would harm or hurt anyone or anything. These values follow in everything we do. 

P.S. Your bag strap will come in a velvet pouch. It's recyclable, reusable and absolutely beautiful.