5 ways on how to style your vegan bag straps

Need inspiration on how to style one of Gabrielle BY P’s vegan bag straps?
Here is the inspiration you have been waiting for.

Our founder Pauline Langbo founded the company with the urge to create an accessory which could renew, upgrade and make the bag you already have in your closet - unique! It was important to her to not compromise with ethics, therefore the company goes under the label “vegan”. Nothing that Gabrielle BY P put out in the world will ever be made out of animal skin or anything that could harm animals. 

To guide you through our over 65 different vegan bag straps we have selected a few of our favourite looks to get you going, inspired and excited to add a new strap to your old bag. We hope you will like it!

1. How to style “Blossom Black” bag strap

Our blossom shoulder strap is our signature strap which features elegant flowers which is available in black, red, pink and green. It is also available in two different lengths and with silver and gold hardware to match our customers liking. The girl in the picture is wearing our "long length" (105 cm). Our "regular length" is 90 cm and these different lengths are designed depending on if you like to wear your bag higher up or lower down on your hip. 

A floral bag strap never ever goes wrong, buy someone you love a flower that will last forever or add it to your own bag, it works at any season, on any day. It will guarantee to add uniqueness and femininity to your whole outfit. Discover our vegan Blossom bag strap collection here.

2. How to style “Snakeskin Red” bag strap

Hilde Wedo
Discover our snakeskin collection of vegan bag straps here!

Our Snakeskin Collection of bag straps are a 100% vegan and designed for someone who like to keep it simple with an edge. In this image is adding our Red Snakeskin bag strap to a sleek, plain black outfit which never goes wrong. In this case the bag strap acts as a piece of jewelry and adds a statement of red to the outfit.

3. How to style “Rose Drops” bag strap

When simplicity is key. The beautiful entrepreneur Emelie Von Hofsten wore our romantic Rose Drop bag strap in the best possible way by adding it to a white sleek suit. The contrast between soft and cool makes it so beautiful. You can find our vegan Rose Drop bag strap here!

 4.How to style “Pink Revolution” bag strap

Our Pink Revolution bag strap represents women empowerment. Efva Attling first wore this bag strap on the Swedish ELLE-gala 2018 and it immediately became our best seller. No one could present its purpose better than that power woman herself.

Efva wore our "regular length" (90cm) together with a dusty pink dress and red lips, extremely elegant! On the second image she wore it on top of a red denim jacket. We cannot explain with words how much we adore the color combination of pink and red. Discover our Pink Revolution bag strap with silver hardware here and gold hardware here!

5. How to style “Rainbow Blue” bag strap 

We believe there is something magical with blue - and our lovely customers seem to agree! Rainbow Blue bag strap has received so much love since it first launched.

Adding blue to blue not only makes an extreme cool statement, it also makes one super happy. If you don’t like color? Add it to a plain outfit and it will act just like a piece of jewelry to your outfit. You will find Rainbow Blue bag strap with and silver hardware here gold hardware here.