Why "Vegan leather” you may think? We’re happy and proud to tell you all about it! There are many ways of producing vegan leather in a wide range of different quality and of course depending on the purpose of it. With consciousness in mind we won’t compromise with quality or style and therefore we’ve chosen the vegan leather type called Polyurethane. By carefully adding one layer at the time of Polyurethane the plastic results in a soft and flexible material with high resilience. This layer by layer technique creates our beautiful and unique products with a nice, luxurious and matte finish. They are durable and won’t dry or crack and this also makes them very lasting and heavy-duty to all weather conditions, from sunny hot summer days to freezing cold Scandinavian snow days!
Unlike leather derived from animals this vegan leather procedure won’t harm animals nor does it involve the harmful toxins used to process and dye leather creating poor working conditions. From the very beginning animal leather requires raising animals and that alone demands large amounts of water, pastureland and in many cases even deforestation. We’re proud to communicate that our production never will include or hurt animals! 

We’re not only passionate about doing no harm for animals as our products are 100 % vegan. We also do care about sustainability in all aspects. We continuously strive for changing and shaping Gabrielle BY P into the best sustainable and responsible company it can possibly be. In an early stage of Gabrielle BY P we decided to ship all our products without plastic, and we demand our fabrics to follow and do the same. When replacing plastic bags we have designed reusable dust bags which after delivery can be used for anything and everything! Our founder Pauline love to pack her bikinis and makeup in the velvet pouches while traveling. 

We are completely aware of that the fashion industry is one of the largest pollutant in the world both regarding materials, chemicals and consumer behavior, and we’d like not to contribute to this downgrading spiral. Therefore, we promote conscious and responsible shopping and we’re proud to offer products that will last forever. We design our products with quality and everlasting style in mind. We want you to love and wear our products forever and ever – just like we do!
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